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Our bespoke facility gives us important flexibility when it comes to the automated casting process, and we use this to supply a variety of high quality, large and complex aluminium castings.


Repeatability and integrity of manufacture

Repeatability and high confidence in the manufacture of moulds in low to medium volumes has resulted in the successful delivery of multiple projects from two metre long automotive torque tubes, commercial transmission housings through to three dimensional sand-cast aluminium panels.


A creative, functional and sustainable foundry

We created the foundry specifically to be creative yet functional, driven by customer requirements. This allows a combination of flexibility and low tooling cost to support varied requests for high quality niche casting supply. The foundry includes articulated mixers, fill and strip stations and low-level knockout systems.

Thermally stable castings with fine surface detail can be produced in a variety of aluminium alloys suitable for:

• BIW (Body In White) structural automotive casting
• Large transmission and architectural applications such as cast aluminium wall panels and roof tiles creating impressive building facades for prestige building projects.

All sand is thermally reclaimed in house supporting a sustainable and cost effective supply solution.


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