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Coscast: A high performance, complete casting solution

GW COSCAST® delivers high-performance castings for the niche volume, prototype and motorsport casting markets; supporting automotive, aerospace and marine applications. Offering a complete casting solution, GW COSCAST® provides precise services to their customers including:

  • Product development
  • Prototypes
  • Production supply

As well as producing some of the highest quality precision cast components, Coscast powerfully combines control, consistency and stability. This results in excellent quality, repeatable, cost effective components, meeting the exacting standards of the automotive industry.


Proven experience, expert knowledge and advanced technologies

With over 30 years proven experience in the Cosworth Casting Process, Coscast’s expert knowledge works in co-operation with our advanced technologies in digital process simulation, sand printing, rapid product validation and precision machining. This 2016 acquisition has created a unique combination of casting capabilities and skills.


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