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Grainger & Worrall Celebrates UK Cast Metal Component of the Year Award

Grainger & Worrall, the world-leading total castings solutions provider, has won the prestigious Cast Metals Federation’s (CMF) 2013 UK Component of the Year Award for its Cosworth CA cylinder head. Designed for the highly-demanding environment of Formula 1, the lightweight aluminium cylinder head pushes the boundaries of automotive design, delivering championship-winning performance and reliability by means of a unique, low pressure sand-casting manufacturing process.

Capable of revving to 20,000 rpm when first introduced in 2006, the lightweight cylinder head has continued to be developed, allowing further performance and reliability gains. Indeed, during the component’s lifespan, there have been no recorded failures and the cylinder head has continued to achieve consistent results on track.

Developed to conform to the outgoing Formula 1 technical regulations, the lightweight aluminium cylinder head was developed to not only deliver race-winning performance but also maintain extremely high levels of reliability. With F1 powertrains now required to last for two race weekends in a row, engines are now averaging more than 3,000 kilometres, meaning components have to be utterly defect-free to prevent any fatigue failures.

Edward Grainger, director at Grainger & Worrall, said: “We are delighted to have won the CMF award. It is an acknowledgment of the achievement and efforts made by our dedicated team here at Bridgnorth. The company’s culture of delivering excellence within extremely tight deadlines is what we are most proud of and continues to push the team forward, ready for the next challenge.

“We are very grateful to Cosworth for their support in allowing us to reveal one of our many specialist motorsport castings, which are usually kept under wraps. Certainly, the CA cylinder head is typical of the highest standards expected by the demanding motorsport environment.”

“This is a component right at the forefront of automotive casting technology,” said John Parker, chief executive of the Cast Metals Federation, which organises the awards. “At every stage of the manufacturing process the component pushes technical boundaries, therefore achieving reliability, performance and lightness to help develop extra power and speed from the engine.”

Cosworth’s managing director, Martin Tolliday, said: “The team at Grainger & Worrall possesses a relentless desire, both individually and collectively, to deliver high quality products that push the traditional engineering boundaries. It is this culture, which mirrors Cosworth’s own motorsport inspired ethos, that not only makes Grainger & Worrall a key supply partner for us, but has also enabled them to win this award.”

The Grainger & Worrall cylinder head won in a shortlist of four world-class castings, including a 1.2 tonne steel high pressure pump housing from Darwins Holdings, an investment cast wingtip from Aeromet International and a suite of castings for the bed of a new hospital scanner made by Harrison Castings.

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