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Careers / Graduates

We believe that recruiting graduates and developing them within the business is a sound strategy for effective succession planning. Each year we recruit permanent Graduate Engineers, as well as undergraduate students on summer placements and 12 month industrial placements.

The Grainger & Worrall Graduate Development Programme involves an initial 4 month rotation through the main business areas to ensure a basic understanding of the main disciplines undertaken within the Company. You will be assigned a mentor to support you with your career development plan. Your line manager will meet with you every 6 months, a performance review will take place to identify professional targets, review performance, allocate projects and identity training and development needs. We offer in-house and external training & development to improve engineering knowledge & skill.

A number of our experienced engineers are members of the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME). The ICME is a nominated body for the Engineering Council.

Here is what some former Graduate Engineers have to say about working at Grainger & Worrall:

Ben Punchard GW GraduateThe knowledge, values and practices which I learned throughout studying for my degree helped to prepare me for the practical, ‘hands-on’ nature of working in the Prototype Division of Grainger and Worrall. The wide variety of new experiences and challenges have enabled me to rapidly develop my engineering knowledge base.

The Graduate Programme at Grainger and Worrall includes a rotation between several main departments, giving invaluable insight into these different areas including how they operate, the services which they provide, and how they interact and support other departments. Understanding how all the various areas interact and support one another is critical, and allows for a more in depth understanding of the company and industry as a whole.

As part of the rotation between departments, you are exposed to and encouraged to learn how to operate and effectively use various types of hardware and software such as; CAD, CAM and 3D Printing, along with different methods of measuring and inspection of parts such as X-Ray and CT Scanning, all from highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers.

I work in the Prototype Division of Grainger and Worrall as a Product Engineer. In Prototype, we launch around 350 new projects a year, or an average of around 1 new project per day, every day. I am responsible for overseeing the manufacture of sample and production castings within the Prototype Foundries, along with aiding in the initial feasibility and design for manufacture of the castings. I have been involved with designing, implementing and monitoring process improvements at different stages throughout the Prototype Foundries, tasks which has involved working with small and large teams of multi-skilled colleagues.

With the fast pace in the Prototype Division, there are new challenges and projects presented every day, an environment which allows for rapid growth of knowledge and skills, an area in which I can learn and develop my engineering knowledge base further, something which I am looking forward to in the future.

Ben Punchard
Product Engineer (former Graduate Engineer)

Joseph Edwards GWMy time so far at Grainger and Worrall has allowed me to apply the values that I gained throughout my degree and develop my engineering competency through a variety of new experiences. My early days with the company have consisted of working alongside experienced engineers on a variety of projects, allowing me to pick up new responsibilities and gain new skills.

As part of my graduation programme I rotated through different departments to aid me in understanding the scope of the business. This enabled me to meet a large amount of my colleagues throughout the company and learn about how they operate as a team. This experience has granted me the opportunity to quickly become familiar with key concepts of the industry. During this period, I have spent time using different technical hardware and software used for applications such as geometrical measurement and casting simulations, as well as becoming more familiar with a wide range of our products.

After my rotation, I settled in the Series department fulfilling a satisfying role in the quality team. This involves working on projects for customers including Aston Martin, Porsche and McLaren; meeting the demanding quantities of high performance engine castings that they require on a day to day basis.

Working with our Customers to modify a product, or to enable a specification change is a key part of the role. There is a large amount of communication and teamwork involved with other areas such as production and process, and fellow colleagues are always keen to help or explain new concepts, creating a positive environment to work in.

Now that I have started my career I am keen to improve my personal professional development. I am now an associate of the IMechE and have begun working with Grainger and Worrall to progress forward in my career. Soon I hope to start the ‘supported registration scheme’ which is designed to record and evaluate my engineering competency as I enhance my skills, with help from a mentor within the company.

I’ve had a warm welcome into Grainger and Worrall and I’m keen to continue developing my skills as a graduate engineer. With plenty of new opportunities and projects to undertake in the future I look forward to progressing with the company.

Joseph Edwards
Former Graduate Engineer