Queen's Award for Enterprise


Precision Sand Castings are everywhere, in everyday products from the obvious to the not so obvious and the process of making castings has been around for so long its evolution has become a euphemism for time itself, the bronze age and the iron age for example. In the context of these timescales and there is a case to say that innovation in Sand Casting has not been abundant in modern times. Yet the fundamentals of good casting practice lie in complex science, metallurgical and chemical interactions, thermo and fluid dynamics, stresses and strains.

Grainger & Worrall delivers the building blocks of an ideal process for designing, making and verifying castings. Far from it being a Foundryman’s artform the process involves many engineering and mathematical iterations working in harmony to arrive at the solution.

Each year the challenges grow. The latest pre-production prototype engine will be lighter, more powerful, and more reliable than the last. The process begins with design and our engineers work within the customer teams to ensure the production casting and process develops simultaneously.