Queen's Award for Enterprise

Prototype Foundry

Casting a wide range of Aluminium Alloys for both pre-production and production intent prototypes.

Grainger & Worrall’s specialist prototype aluminium foundry approaches product development with a novel approach adding value, delivering successful high integrity precision sand castings for engine, vehicle, aerospace and industrial markets
Our core capability is centred on highly complex air set sand castings. We have developed an extensive library of alternative aluminium alloys for the diverse applications demanded by our varied customers.

The Aluminium Cast products produced by us demonstrate superior quality and performance through the consistent application of best practise and technology. Multiple sand medias Silica, Chromite, Alumina, Zircon are employed along with appropriate coatings and chill placement within our high precision engineered moulds.

The key driver for our prototype aluminium casting has in fact been technological and legislative advances in vehicle and engine design.

Low Carbon vehicle technologies require lighter, stronger more powerful engines, these demand the same of the castings. Without the innovation employed by Grainger & Worrall, that is the process to design, make and verify exceptional prototype castings, the implied targets of the next generation of production castings will not be met.