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Significant new facility investment

Increased demand as Make Like Production concept accelerates vehicle development time and reduces costs
• Third CT scanner broadens company capacity and sustains Grainger & Worrall commitment to offering production-ready quality control
• Advanced sand-casting technique provides lightweight, durable castings

Bridgnorth-based automotive casting specialist, Grainger & Worrall has made a significant investment in hardware that increases its throughput capacity by 50%. A third CT scanner helps ensure that castings meet the stringent quality assurance and control demanded by the automotive industry. The company has experienced a substantial increase in demand for its castings, as vehicle manufacturers seek to accelerate development times of highly efficiency new models ahead of tightening emissions regulations globally.
Grainger & Worrall’s commitment to the Make Like Production concept, which was pioneered by the Warwick Manufacturing Group, produces castings for early-stage development parts that behave as a production component would. This enables extensive vehicle testing and validation to be completed, even though production line materials and manufacturing processes may be very different. It provides a vital cost and time advantage to vehicle manufacturers seeking to bring new models, packed with latest technologies and materials, to market quickly and efficiently.
“Casting of prototype components traditionally bared little semblance to final parts, but our Make Like Production mantra brings the prototyping process right up to date and in line with the fast-moving automotive industry’s requirements,” explains James Grainger, Grainger & Worrall director. “Now, prototype component performance characteristics can mimic those of production parts even in intensive test conditions. CT technology provides the fastest and most comprehensive opportunity for evaluation of material integrity and overall quality control. This latest investment into Grainger & Worrall’s leading-edge facilities is testament to our commitment to growing proactively in line with industry demand for our casting expertise and brings our investment in CT technology to a total of £1.2m.”
The latest CT machine is an industrial grade 450kV Yxlon compact CL. As well as increasing the company’s throughput capacity by 50%, it also provides the capability to scan larger components of up to 125kg, which can handle the largest structural components the company makes and reflects the increasing move to lightweight cast vehicle structures as well as drivetrain.
“Our customers rely on Grainger & Worrall components being robust enough to undergo intensive testing and validation, so the assurance of strict quality control is absolutely vital,” continues Grainger. “This latest scanner broadens our scope of work to include components that would have previously fallen outside our end-to-end production parameters. Increasing our capacity through the addition of a third CT scanner ensures that our components adhere to our own strict standards and provides customers with a reliable, proven source of castings even while demand for our speciality continues to intensify. Our commitment to Right First Time means we might well now have the largest industrial CT scanning capability in the UK.”

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Grainger & Worrall continues expansion with appointment of Mark Powell in new directorial role

Automotive castings specialist, Grainger & Worrall has appointed industry expert, Mark Powell in a newly created position: Director – Foundry Operations. The announcement is the latest in a series of business developments by the Bridgnorth-based company, which was recently presented with the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) Export Achievement Award and reflects its sustained growth in 2019. The appointment is aligned with the continued roll out of its £6m investment plan, which focuses on enhanced production efficiency across its business worldwide.
Matthew Grainger, Grainger & Worrall’s CEO, says: “Mark Powell joins us with a wealth of experience and his knowledge will provide additional focus on our drive to achieve increased efficiency. He is a perfect fit for our family-run company and he can help communicate this ethos throughout our global operations. We look forward to working towards ambitious targets and on exciting plans together.”

Company of the Year 2018

We are pleased to confirm on Friday night Grainger & Worrall came home with the nights top award for ‘Company of the Year’, a fantastic achievement and first company to win for a second time. This award is testament to the hard work of all here at GW, congratulations and thank you to all.

Will Power shines through at Indy 500

Grainger and Worrall sends it congratulations to Will Power and Chevrolet after victory in the Indianapolis 500 this week. The win was Power’s first in the sport’s biggest race, and his 34th career IndyCar victory overall.

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Grainger & Worrall hosts global castings authority

A global authority in castings has given a two-day seminar to engineers at complex metal specialist Grainger and Worrall, as the business continues to expand and improve its offering.
Professor John Campbell visited the Shropshire-based business to reinforce the principles of the recognised Cosworth sand casting process, which he helped to develop back in 1978. Now owned by Grainger and Worrall, the process was developed over a lifetime of work in the foundry industry to develop defect-free castings with dimensional accuracy, and high structural integrity.
During the two-day event, John Campbell presented the theory behind the Cosworth process to 40 members of the engineering department, before spending the second day discussing the key principles behind the idea, reinforcing best practice.
Keith Denholm, engineering and technology Director at Grainger and Worrall, explained that the Cosworth process is as integral to the business today as it has always been.
“As Grainger and Worrall moves into electrification, body in white, and subframes, we continue to operate to the principles set out by the Cosworth process to continually to optimise and lightweight casting materials. Although the process itself may change depending on each application, the principles it is based upon remain as relevant as they have ever been.
“We were delighted that such a recognised global authority in John Campbell was happy to visit our foundry and engage with our engineering team as we continue to grow, following his initial guidelines for castings success.”

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Engineering apprentices on track to lead major tourism project

A team of young engineers at complex metal specialist Grainger and Worrall is taking the lead on a new project expected to boost tourism to the town of Bridgnorth (Shropshire).
Budding engineers have already begun prototyping a series of 20 replica locomotive statues in the shape of ‘Catch Me Who Can’ – the world’s first fare passenger engine built in Bridgnorth back in 1808 for British inventor Richard Trevithick. Each statue will be hand-painted in a kaleidoscope of colours by local artists and placed in strategic locations around the town, to create an interactive walking trail.
The project is putting Grainger and Worrall’s apprentices under real-time engineering pressures. Not only are they being asked to design and engineer the statues based on a sketch drawing, but they also need to manufacture four a week leading up to the April 1 deadline, when they will be placed around the town. The replicas, which when cast and set on a plinth stand some 1.5m high, provide several external design challenges that the apprentices must overcome.
Ella Jones, a female apprentice at Grainger and Worrall, explained: “Throughout the design stage we have had to consider lots of requirements. The volume of replicas required in a short timeframe mean they must be practical to manufacture, which is why we are utilising a hybrid of traditional casting processes, together with more innovative 3D sand printing technology. They must also be corrosion resistant and have secure fixings, plus, be novel and quirky by design. Amidst all of these, we also need to ensure they replicate the original Catch Me Who Can in the best possible way.”
Matthew Snelson, director of systems at Grainger and Worrall, and director of the neighbouring Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology, which hosts the apprentices, added: “This project gives our apprentices experience of working in busy engineering conditions, utilising their skills in computer aided design, simulation, prototyping, 3D printing and sand casting. These are the skills Grainger and Worrall’s 700-strong team practise every day in response to demand from leading OEMs for complex metal solutions, and puts the apprentices in good stead for long, successful careers at the company.”

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Grainger & Worrall one of first UK businesses to secure new global auto standard

Grainger & Worrall has become one of the first UK businesses to achieve an internationally recognised automotive standard, backed by vehicle manufacturers including BMW, General Motors, FCA, Volkswagen and more.
Grainger & Worrall has announced that it has successfully achieved IATF16949 accreditation, reaching the highest standards for business systems, continual improvement, risk management and defect prevention in the supply chain.
Developed by the automotive industry specifically for suppliers, IATF16949 replaces TS16949 and outlines the requirements for an effective Quality Management System (QMS). The key to this is risk assessment, driving the organisation to learn from the many inputs it experiences, such as customer feedback, internal and external audits and improvement efforts, to provide the highest quality product and service to the customer.
Matthew Snelson, head of quality systems at Grainger & Worrall, said: “After detailed, on-site audits by Lloyds Register, we are delighted to have been awarded IATF16949 Certification and ISO9001 renewal.
“Achieving this widely recognised certification is a great reflection of the hard work and dedication of the Grainger & Worrall team, which continually pulls together to achieve significant uplifts in processes and quality systems.”
Grainger & Worrall received IATF16949 / ISO9001 certification in January 2018.

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The Perfect Partnership

How a unique partnership between two UK motorsport titans created ‘the world’s most reliable motorsport engine’.
• Gibson / GW engines took ‘world first’ podiums at Le Mans in June 2017
• Of 25 LMP2 vehicles powered by Gibson / GW engines, 21 completed the circuit (four retirements were due to non-engine related issues)
• In total, the 4.2 litre GK428 V8 engines covered a distance of 143,440.03 kms in 719.5hrs

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NMITE will play a significant role

“We are delighted to see the increasing focus on technical and engineering skills in our region. Herefordshire is one of only a handful of counties without a university, so to have an engineering facility established in the region will provide further resources for local businesses. We hope as NMITE becomes established, it will work closely with the Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology, of which Grainger and Worrall is a founding shareholder.
“In addition, we have a long-standing commitment to develop the skills of our people and invest in new technology and processes. This helps drive the company forward in the highly demanding and global market place in which we operate, and any further commitment to increasing the calibre of the UK’s engineers is very welcome.
“People are the biggest asset to any company. That is why it is vital that businesses come together and work in partnership to maintain a strong pipeline of talent entering the engineering sector. We’re passionate about developing the next generation of world leading engineers in the UK and the NMITE will play a significant role.”

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Grainger & Worrall moves up the ranks at MIA

Rounding off a year that has seen significant machinery investment and continued major OEM partnerships, Grainger & Worrall has reaffirmed its commitment to motorsport with Director James Grainger becoming Vice Chairman of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA).
The high precision castings expert has been an MIA member for the past decade, representing the sector on such topics as skills, Brexit, and the industry’s challenge to embrace low carbon initiatives across motorsport and passenger cars. This year, Grainger & Worrall has also played a pivotal role in launching the £4 million Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology (MCMT), a Shropshire-centric, industry-led training centre for young engineers. The company will also be sponsoring the Teamwork category at this January’s Motorsport Industry Business Excellence Awards.
James Grainger’s appointment as Vice Chairman of the MIA enables the business to continue to work alongside its peers in motorsport, high-performance engineering and tuning, to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.
James commented: “This is both an exciting and important time for the global motorsport industry, with new technologies constantly supporting the development of more efficient and lighter vehicles. As Vice Chairman of the MIA, I can help Grainger & Worrall work more closely with the sector and ensure that our members continue to have an active voice in key industry developments.”
Grainger & Worrall is no stranger to new technologies in the automotive sector. It was the first business in Europe to invest in a specialist 3D sand printer to support the casting of engine components, and pioneered the use of computerised tomography to carry out health checks on its castings, ten years ago. James Grainger added that a willingness to invest in new technologies and implement them into engineering culture is going to go a long way to helping the automotive supply chain to remain competitive amid constant change.
He stated: “Motorsport and the wider automotive sector are facing an exciting time with both legislation and technology developing at a rapid rate. Grainger & Worrall operate at the heart of this, delivering continuous innovation to the market. In my new role as Vice Chairman, I am looking forward to supporting both the MIA and its members in these fast-changing times.”

Cast a new light

The automotive industry’s response to emissions legislation and consumer expectations has resulted in considerable changes in engine technology recent years. Light weighting and downsizing have led to smaller and more efficient engines, returning fuel economy and emissions figures that have plummeted in the past decade. Throw into the mix the use of CAD software for the design of engines and we’re truly in high-tech territory.

Grainger & Worrall welcomes Budget’s skills support

In the light of the chancellor’s funding announcement of £500m a year to support technical training for young people, Bridgnorth-based automotive castings specialist Grainger & Worrall is upbeat about the future. Edward Grainger, a director of the family-owned business, said: “As a significant local employer, we welcome this budget, which is a real shot in the arm for technical skills development in our region.

Shropshire company begins search for engineers of the future

Shropshire-based precision castings company, Grainger and Worrall (GW), is looking for the next batch of graduate engineers to kick off their career in manufacturing. This could serve as a big break for aspiring engineers; offering them the opportunity to work with world-renowned brands including Aston Martin, Bentley and even F1 teams, all of whom are customers of GW.

Grainger & Worrall confirmed as Aston Martin DB11 engine castings partner

Aston Martin has confirmed Grainger & Worrall (GW) as its preferred engine castings partner for the new DB11. At the heart of this iconic sports car is the new 5.2 litre twin turbocharged V12. This engine sets even higher performance standards for the latest DB iteration, the cleanest, most fuel efficient, powerful and fastest accelerating model in Aston Martin’s history.

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Engineered Propulsion Systems leverages CGI for diesel aviation engine

[New Richmond, Bridgnorth and Stockholm, 17 December 2015] – Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS) has uniquely leveraged the strength and stiffness of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI), together with a ‘flat V’ engine design, to establish a new benchmark for general aviation applications.  Based on a CGI cylinder block, the 4.3 litre, eight-cylinder design results in a compact, low profile engine package that provides ease of installation, durability and low aerodynamic drag.  The use of CGI enabled EPS to engineer a clean sheet Aviation Diesel engine that is setting new standards in weight, size, reliability, and most importantly, fuel consumption.  Initial testing of the pre-production engine has demonstrated specific power of 105 horsepower per litre (77 kW/l), resulting in an output of 450 horsepower (332 kW).  The installed wet weight of the 450 horsepower diesel engine package is within 45 pounds (20 kg) of alternative 350 horsepower (257 kW) air-cooled turbocharged engines currently used in aero applications.

The Chinese Way: why we need to make friends in the east

Now that the dust has settled on Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK, it’s time to assess the true value of Britain’s relationship with the world’s second largest economy. Despite the widespread critique of the UK treatment of the Chinese delegation last month, that’s not reason enough to discount China as a hugely valuable trading partner.

Apprenticeships: Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

Following the success of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week (9-13 March), Grainger & Worrall, a leading provider of high-precision casting technologies, has confirmed its commitment to developing the talent of tomorrow. While continuing its upskilling Experts Programme for existing employees, the company also aims to appoint a number of new graduates and apprentices every year. This means that, in a team of 500 staff split between two sites, there will always be individuals undergoing training, work placements or apprenticeships.

G&W Has Been Named Business of the Year at the MIA annual Business Excellence Awards

The world’s leading total castings solutions provider, Grainger & Worrall, has been named Business of the Year at the Motorsport Industry Association’s (MIA) annual Business Excellence Awards. Held last night (8 January) at Birmingham’s NEC Arena, the national ceremony celebrated the achievements and successes of key automotive players across the UK motorsport sector.

RBS Manufacturing 2014 Manufacturer (TM) Award

World-leading casting solutions provider Grainger & Worrall has taken home the Manufacturing in Action award at the 2014 Manufacturer (TM) Awards. The globally renowned ceremony, which took place on November 27th, celebrates the very best of UK engineering across a range of sectors.

Grainger & Worrall to receive prestigious multi-million pound development funding

Grainger & Worrall, the world’s leading total casting solutions provider, has been awarded a £1.2m grant to further develop its aerospace component production and development capabilities. The match-funded grant, which comes as part of the government’s Sharing in Growth (SiG) initiative, will be used to drive continued innovation at the high-precision engineering expert’s UK headquarters.

Innovative prototypes on an international stage

Grainger & Worrall is set to showcase its latest enabling technologies and innovative developments in cast prototype manufacturing at this year’s Engine Expo Novi exhibition. Taking place in Michigan, North America, between 28-30 October, the leading powertrain technology trade show will bring the world’s leading automotive professionals together to discuss drive efficiency and fuel economy.

Grainger & Worrall rises up the ranks with global export sales

Grainger & Worrall, the world’s leading total casting solutions provider, has been recognised in The Sunday Times’ International Track 200 league table as one of the UK’s  fastest-growing export companies. Published last weekend, the independent survey ranks Britain’s top-performing private companies by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past two years.

Industry open day showcases engineering excellence

Earlier this week, over 40 senior figures from the UK’s motorsport industry we treated to a rare glimpse inside Grainger & Worrall’s world-class precision casting facility at Bridgnorth. The event, organised by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), was part of a series of open days that showcase exceptional organisations working within the global motorsport sector.

Grainger & Worrall steps up a gear with SMMT

World-leading castings and machining solutions provider, Grainger & Worrall, has joined the UK’s leading automotive trade association, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Membership of the prestigious association will allow Grainger & Worrall to proactively support the UK automotive sector while also expanding its global client base.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2013

Grainger & Worrall, the UK-based, world-leading motorsport castings provider, presented a wide range of casting competences, validation and associated engineering services at Professional MotorSport World Expo 2013, 12 – 14 November, Cologne, Germany.

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New Appointment | Matthew Snelson

The world’s leading total castings solution providers, Grainger & Worrall, has appointed Matthew Snelson to its senior team, as it looks to drive forward its ambitions in the automotive, motorsport, defence and aerospace sectors.

Grainger & Worrall invests in 3D technology

Shropshire castings company, Grainger & Worrall, has invested over £500,000 in an S-Print HHS 3D sand printer. The technology enables the Bridgnorth-based company to provide its customers with an additional innovative and highly advanced rapid prototyping solution.

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Is casting BIW components the answer?

The defence sector continues to look for new and innovative ways to reduce the overall weight of its frontline vehicles, in order to make them more agile as well as increasing their durability. World leading total castings solutions provider, Grainger & Worrall, believes that sand casting Body-in-White (BIW) components is the answer that the defence industry is looking for. Edward Grainger, director at Grainger & Worrall, explains why.

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A Fresh Perspective

Young people lack a work ethic to succeed in industry? Not according to Edward Grainger, director at castings firm Grainger & Worrall who thinks that if given the right support, they bring a fresh perspective and great ideas.

Re-creating The Future

It could be considered a little strange that there should be significant challenges in bringing back to production an iconic engine for future generations to enjoy.

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R&D100 Award

A UK-based specialist castings manufacturer supplying a diverse range of global industries including motorsport, defence and aerospace has been awarded a major international award for research and development.

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Queen’s Award 2012

Global market leader in their field Grainger & Worrall has received a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time for innovation. The specialist castings manufacturer supplies a diverse range of industries, including motorsport, defence and aerospace,and has built a worldwide reputation for developing some of the most complex castings for a very demanding customer base incorporating the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1.