Queen's Award for Enterprise

Rapid Prototype

We apply many approaches to rapid prototyping depending on the product production
requirements. Sometimes a hybridised rapid prototype is best, sometimes full rapid
prototyping is best, our experience in this complex field will add value to your program. In all
cases the accuracy of complex internal geometries and high core strength are paramount –
we have invested into HHS sand printing technology to provide a unique prototype solution.

HHS systems (High Heat Strength), a phenol based binder with a silica/synthetic blended
sand this combination produces a core with up to 250% higher hot strength compared to
printed furan technology. This makes the cores suitable for the casting of both Iron and
Steel, whilst also offering significant advantages in the stability of aluminium castings.

Tool-less casting technologies are offered to provide the design freedom of direct mould
construction using the latest sand binder technology. These processes offer unrestricted
design and significant advantages over both lost wax and lost foam casting. The realisation
of previously unfeasible geometry is possible over directly milled sand moulds.

Design Freedom of 3D printed sand core technology permits hybrid solutions whereby
concept design cores can be quickly realised in support of a hybrid combining both tooled
and tool-less casting process.

For fast make like production development rapid prototyping is an indispensable tool. By
truly understanding the customers casting requirements our experience of this technology in
rapid prototype delivers optimised benefits in terms of time, cost and performance.

Prototyping once again moves back towards having to be quick, but capable of performing
at the required levels; dimensional accuracy, material properties, all comparable to the
production process.