Queen's Award for Enterprise

Tooling Design and Patternmaking

Tool making is a core competency of Grainger & Worrall and we are one of few foundries to
resource and manage this entire activity in house. Both our pattern making facility and design
capability is continually expanding to support our customers demand for directly milled high quality
resin patterns and tooling up to fully automated production core-box rigs.

Dedicated CAD resource allows us the ability to work directly with raw data in native formats
from Catia, UG and Pro E. Casting accuracy is directly influenced in this phase by the use of high
quality materials, trained and experienced staff. The blend of the latest computer aided design
technology and unrivalled experience by us provides the highest quality tooling and DFM (Design for
Manufacture) experience in support of our customer needs.

The origins of our business are in the manufacture of patterns and tooling and with over 60 years of
heritage and experience we have an enviable reputation for technical excellence, quality and service.

In the event of the requirement to reconstruct or replace tooling for a customers discontinued
product we are able to reverse engineer from an existing part using the in house tools at our
disposal such as Computer Tomography, Optical Scanning. New tooling could then be designed
or alternatively printed through our tool less HHS Sand Printer. Moulds can then be constructed
remanufacture a duplicate of the original damaged component.

The Grainger & Worrall tooling design team will accommodate for the core expansions, gas
evolutions and contractions that the mould will experience during the pouring and freezing stages of
the casting process. Our tooling is made from bespoke synthetic materials the tooling is all designed
and patterns manufactured in our own secure and confidential facility.