Queen's Award for Enterprise

Cylinder Head & Engine Block Machining

Grainger & Worrall Machining has developed a capability to machine high feature content Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks without using traditional Horizontal techniques. Whilst our Horizontal approach offers cycle time advantages in the production environment, it also presents some disadvantages in the small batch and prototype environment.

Our approach to short lead time New Product Introduction (NPI) means we have equipped our Machine Shop with high spec vertical and 5 axis machines, alongside our production machining cell allows us to break down the individual operations and spread them over a range of machines. The advantage of this approach in prototype production is a compressed lead time as several operations can be proved simultaneously.

This philosophy not only applies to Head and Block machining but equally lends its self to any number of complex prismatic components.

Final inspection of all our products is undertaken with computerised co-ordinate measuring programmes and process tightly controlled throughout to ensure the end product meets the pre-defined specifications.