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Foundry Process Consulting


Our foundry process consultancy was created to bring together the skills in the manufacture of tooling and casting prototypes. This, combined with knowledge and expertise of simulation techniques, project management, product launch and manufacturing process development offers customers a complete ‘design to production’ solution.


Our experts will help you throughout your project lifetime

We’ve worked together with the world’s leading design consultancies taking concept designs through to mature production. Advanced in house modelling of metal flow and solidification at the prototype phase provides our experts with the key information to permit optimised tooling design, casting methods and subsequently transfer this knowledge through to large scale production runs.


Engineering Services

Foundry process design, the optimisation of foundry tooling and process simulation are central to our engineering service offering.


Casting Expertise

The Grainger & Worrall casting expertise leads the world in high integrity complex sand castings, supplying automotive OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers and blue-chip aerospace customers.


Foundry Design

We’ve designed and commissioned multiple new foundries worldwide, our engineers have decades of experience in their field.

Our foundry design consultancy has worked with European, North and South American and Asian operations. Activities include die-casting design methodology for passenger cars, medium and heavy duty diesel engines, racing, performance components and unconventional engine technology.

We can also support you in:

  • Computational analysis of cast components and manufacturing processes such as metal flow and solidification

  • Microstructure

  • Mechanical properties and residual stress

  • Core blowing and gassing.

  • All aspects of process optimisation for metal casting such as metallurgy, running and feeding systems, core and mould making, mould assembly and handling, metal melting and handling, casting finishing operations.


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