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Re-creating The Future

recreating the future rapid prototyping

It could be considered a little strange that there should be significant challenges in bringing back to production an iconic engine for future generations to enjoy.

The reverse engineering of the historically significant Aero Engine provided many challenges in the manufacture of engine castings in the 21st century, more than 60 years after the final engine was produced.

Grainger & Worrall relied on their innovative methods and investment in the latest tool-less technologies more so than any recent project it has recently undertaken. “Normal day to day process such as advising the customer on advanced design for manufacture considerations to incorporate within the product design are turned on their head and the entire onus on falls on the tooling designer to obtain the best possible product” Explains Antony Middleton, Grainger & Worrall Senior Project Engineer Rapid Prototyping and NPI. “There was not a single drawing from which to design tooling and all work was therefore based on data gained from onsite scanning by X- ray Computed Tomography”.

Antony Says, “ both the water jacket and side cores were produced directly from this data utilising our newly commissioned S- Print HHS Sand Printer and this combined with virtual simulation to optimise the design of tooled moulds has  produced a high integrity cast product that is better than the original!”
”In addition to a quick turnaround we were able to use the system to verify relative positioning of the ports within the water jacket and feed this information back to the tooling team to refine the product design, The ability to print sand cores in house has permitted iterative development of the product without the significant cost of multiple sets of tooling whilst saving considerable time.”

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