Giga Casting

With Jay Schofield

Casting supersized with Grainger and Worrall's Sales and Marketing Director. 

What is Giga casting?
What are the benefits of Giga casting?



What are the challenges of Giga casting?


What is the Giga casting mindset?


What is the role of sand casting in Giga casting?


What are the benefits of using aluminium in large castings?


How does aluminium casting differ from steel casting?


Are Giga castings difficult to create?

Giga casting and the automotive industry

Why is Giga casting important to the automotive industry?


Is Giga casting the future?



Is Giga casting changing automotive production in a lasting way?


Does Giga casting provide a more flexibility in vehicle platform engineering?


How will Giga casting transform body-in-white?


How do Giga castings challenge traditional automotive manufacture?


Is Giga casting more lightweight?


Who is currently using Giga casting?




Want to read more about Giga casting?


We've put together a complete guide on Giga casting with sand casting, it's free to download... 


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