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Specialist Iron Foundry


Our foundry casts a wide variety of materials, including Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron, Steel, NiRisist, ADI in weights from 1kg to 500kg. We approach every single prototype product with an open mind to add value and deliver successful, high integrity castings.


Excellence in engineering values and practice

Everything we do incorporates the values of quality engineering practice. That means we guarantee key customer expectations of accuracy, integrity, reliability and lead-time. At all times.

Our iron and Steel Cast products demonstrate superior quality and performance through the consistent application of best practise and technology. Multiple sand medias Silica, Chromite, Alumina, Zircon are employed along with appropriate coatings and chill placement within our high-precision engineered moulds.


Applying the latest foundry technologies

We always consider the latest technological developments when it comes to our approach. This includes the novel Hybrid Ceramic-Sand Core Casting Technology developed at Grainger &Worrall or Digital Sand Printing with High Heat Strength HHS binder technology specifically aimed at Iron and Steel castings.

We also apply the latest technologies in the melting, analysis and control of metals include unique capability to produce prototype and specialist parts in Compacted Graphite Iron utilising the process.
The fundamental requirements of clean metal, controlled pouring and engineered gating systems are respected to eradicate casting defects at source.

Our core capability is centred on highly complex sand castings, and we offer a wide range of products including:
• ferrous alloys
• normal to high strength cast irons
• ductile iron
• CGI for cylinder block and heads
• specialised high temperature alloys for turbocharger and exhaust systems


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