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Cylinder heads & blocks machining


At Grainger & Worrall Machining, we know how mission-critical high standards, reliability and compressed lead times are to you. Our innovative new approach to short lead time New Product Introduction (NPI) means we can guarantee precision, quality and lead time reduction with every project.


Machining high feature content cylinder heads and engine blocks: a new approach

Our new approach to machining high feature content Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks overcomes the challenges often found in the small batch and prototype environment that’s often associated with traditional Horizontal methods. This innovative New Product Introduction (NPI) capability allows us to:

  • Compress lead times for prototype production. We’ve equipped our Machine Shop with high spec vertical and 5 axis machines alongside our production machining cell. This means we can break down individual operations and spread them over a range of machines, proving a number of operations simultaneously to reduce lead times.

  • Apply this technology to a variety of components. Our new approach to NPI lends itself to machining a number and variety of complex prismatic components.

  • Tightly control production throughout. You need reliability. Our computerised co-ordinate measuring programmes ensure the end product meets carefully pre-defined specifications, every single time.


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