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Quality Assured Machining


When it comes to machining, you need the entire production process to be quality-assured, precise and reliable. This integrity is why we’ve invested heavily in our processes to ensure we have robust, accurate quality checks in place. No matter at what point in the process, you’ll have complete confidence in the outcome.

Your high standards are our high standards.


Want accurate inspection checks throughout the machining process?

That’s no problem. To support our aggressive approach to New Product Introduction (NPI) we’ve invested heavily into the latest CMM hardware & software.

  • We use the latest PC dmis software to guarantee we can quickly and accurately inspect any feature which we’ve machined.

  • Our multiple, DEA Global 12:22:10 CMM machine means producing inspection reports in an internationally recognised format is easy, referencing back to your original drawing.

If you need in-process critical feature checks, SPC or capability studies, they’re no problem either. All of our CMM machines are capable of collecting and processing the data you need, whenever you need it.

And if required, many machined features can be checked before they even leave the machine table with;

  • the use of air gauging

  • hard gauging

  • or more specific hand held inspection devices.


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