Rapid Prototyping in Aluminium


If you're looking to bring a design idea to life, GW have the experience, innovative-mindset, and equipment to make it happen.


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Reduce your lead times.

Grainger and Worrall are a world-leader in rapid prototyping aluminium parts for EV, ICE, Marine, and Aerospace.

As technical leaders, we are able to help you realise the benefits of sand casting.  Faster lead times, reduced costs, plus greater flexibility.

Why is sand casting a good option for prototyping?

Prototyping with sand casting offers greater flexibility than many other methods.  It affords you much greater scope for design modifications, cheaper tooling, and reduced lead times.

Despite what many people think, sand casting can beincredibly complex.  That's why we have put an ebook together to help take you through the basics so you know what you're buying. 


Read the Sand Casting Ebook

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Why do leading automotive brands and motorsport trust us?

We think it could be something to do with our approach to casting innovation, industry awards, or the equipment we have on site (CT scanners, digital sand printing, GOM, etc,). Get in touch to find out for yourself.


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Here's a few questions we're asked about our approach to rapid prototyping.

Still considering your options?

We are able to adapt our services to suit your needs.  If you already have a frozen design specification but need a trusted partner to make it, take a look at our rapid prototyping solution.  If you're looking to mimic production parts, we can engineer prototype parts to reflect a finished product.

Rapid Prototyping

For projects where development lead times are critical.

Core Service

Typically, an 8-week turnaround (depending on complexity and volumes). 

We will agree a quantity of "Fit for Function" parts to be delivered within an aggressive timescale.

Delivery follows the GW process of simulation, engineering, tooling, casting, machining, and validation.

Customer provides a frozen design, including cast and machining 3D data, 2D machining drawings.


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Make Like Production

For prototypes that need to mimic production quality.

Core Service       

In addition to our rapid prototyping solution, Grainger and Worrall will work with you to develop the design for manufacture optimising for the casting process.  

Typically, an additional 4-weeks of design time is added to the rapid prototyping lead times.

Our engineering team will develop solutions to meet customer's exacting specifications such as defined material property tolerances, specific alloy compositions, tightly controlled dimensional accuracy.


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Use the calculator to get an estimate of the timeframe for your rapid prototype project.



Want to learn more?

We have a load of video resources you can find here or a number of ebooks you can find here.  Below is a taste of the content including prototyping insights from GW's engineering director, Keith Denholm.  We have also included a video on "how big is a micron?" - which will hopefully help give an appreciation with respect to tolerance requirements. 


Got other questions about rapid prototyping?

If you need to discuss anything else about rapid prototyping, get in touch with us today.  We are happy to discuss any aspect of your project and how rapid prototyping or make like production approaches can be utilised to reduce lead-times.


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