The GW Values, Purpose, Goals, Vision

GW's Values

How we Think, How we Feel and How we Behave

Grainger & Worrall is a great place for people who share our values. This is how we tend to think, how we tend to feel and how we tend to behave.

That's not to say we are all identikits of a certain type. We also value diversity and thrive on our differences. But these are the common themes that we look for in all the different people that join us and build their careers with us.


How we Think

It's about attitude, outlook and perspective.


Savvy doesn't just mean smart. It's knowledge and intelligence mixed with common sense, realism, commercial. It's creative, lateral, unconventional even.


Open minded means we believe in the art of the possible. We ask how we can before we ask why we can't. It's agile. It's positive. It's Can-Do, Will-Do.

How we Feel

It's what our work does to us


We are engaged because our work is interesting. We are not scared of hard work. Satisfaction comes with achievement.


Invested in our customers' goals, in our company goals and in our personal goals. Achieving goals really matters to us, deep down.

How we Behave

We all make choices about how we act


A high-performing team built on family values. We trust each other and have each other's back. It's inclusive, respectful and co-dependent. We're in this together, for the long haul.


Integrity is a foundation of our actions. It's honesty but more than truthfulness. It's an obligation to act, sticking to your promises, not walking by. It can be harder than saying nothing.

GW's Purpose

We want to help the world achieve carbon-neutral with innovative castings

It may sound grand, but nearly all the projects we work on are linked to this purpose. It might be taking weight out of something that moves, or improving the efficiency of something that consumes energy. That is as true of a Formula 1 engine as it is of a casting the size of a car.

GW's Goals

Zero Accidents

Melting metal has its risks, but so has lifting a box of printer paper or driving a car. We can all play our part in identifying risks, getting trained, and not walking by.

Zero Carbon

Countries around the world are committing to zero-carbon goals. The UK government is aiming for 2050. We want to get there by 2040.

Zero Late

Both Prototyping and Series Production rely on deliveries on time. What we do is complex and is starts out with some uncertainty. We need to manage this and deliver.

Hit Budget

If we are going to invest in people, plant, processes and the planet then we are going to have to make a fair return that reflects our expertise and the value we bring to our customers.

GW's Vision

To achieve your Vision you need a Vivid Description of what it looks like when you get there

  • Safe and environmentally aware
  • An employer of choice
  • A benchmark partner
  • A culture based on trust
  • Everyone leaves each day having done their best
  • Surrounded by great people
  • Learn from Experience
  • Hunger to learn, hunger to improve
  • Tidy, clean and efficient
  • Inspiring
  • Work hard, Play hard.

Does this make sense to you?

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