Precision castings for military use on land, air, and sea.

Grainger and Worrall provide aluminium alloy and iron sand castings to power the future of defence applications.

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Flexible, right-first-time castings.

At GW we know defence procurement requires R&D innovation, production flexibility and expert engineering. Our sand casting experience allows us to work with your engineering or technical directors to meet your defence programme requirements with a precision-driven, right-first-time approach.

We understand the dynamics of defence, and our capacity allows us to respond to changes in timescales. We specialise in innovating from concept through to production. And we can do it quicky.


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Our technical knowledge of aluminium castings allows us to produce lightweight defence components optimised for better fuel management, manoeuvrability, stability and durability across defence applications including parts for:

  • Maritime
  • Drones
  • Helicopters
  • Artillery
  • Military vehicles




Dynamic, accurate defence castings that are lighter, stronger and smaller

Our flexible, UK based supply chain gives us the scope and flexibility required to respond to changing defence programme timescales, as well as upgrade capability and longevity.

  • Right-first-time for life saving lead times. We’ll respond effectively to the ‘hurry up and wait’ dynamic of defence with flexibility, while our right first time approach reduces lead time.

  • Material expertise. We produce high integrity, safety-critical precision castings which are optimised for lightweighting and performance.

Creating lightweight, complex metal shapes for Defence.

  • Prototyping design flexibility.  Prototyping with sand casting technology gives us flexibility to respond to design modifications in defence projects without the cost implications of expensive tooling, ensuring we can effectively move from prototyping into low volume production.

  • Individual services. Our innovative approach to design support, R&D and early prototyping and development drives procurement efficiencies, as well as maximise the required material properties and function of components.

Defence experience, from concept to component.

At GW, every single project we undertake is driven by strict adherence to quality regulations demanded by the defence industry. Our internal controls and inspection methods maintains the highest integrity castings. 

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Want more details? Take a look at our case studies.

By the way, most of what we do and who we work with is classified.  If you'd like to talk specifics about your casting requirements, our defence experts are ready to chat.

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Innovation meets quality

Grainger and Worrall are passionate about innovation and quality.  It impacts everything we do.  Whether we are making parts for marine applications, tank turrets, or aerospace, we're proud to be able to play our part in the defence supply chain. We’re JOSCAR registered and are proud to hold the Bronze Armed Forces Covenant.

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