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Future Shape Technology from the UK to the USA

Grainger and Worrall is a global leader in sand casting complex metal shapes. We support projects across North America from design consultancy, tool design and manufacture to prototype casting, finishing, machining, and assembly.


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successful projects working with circa 1,000 customers in over 100 countries

Grainger and Worrall have been at the cutting edge of casting technology for over seventy years.  As regulatory changes have driven technological innovation, we have helped world-class motorsport and automotive companies (ICE and EV) move with the times.


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Our engineering and design consultants are experts in turning liquid metal into complex geometric shapes for ICE and EV.   Our technical expertise is transferable to other applications, so if you have a challenging part or project that needs a casting, let's start talking.

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G&W is a world-leading expert in casting and machining complex metal shapes.  This animation summarises the process in under 2-minutes.



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We're always happy to show people around our  250,000 ft2 foundry and machining facility.  If you can't make it to Bridgnorth, click on the button below to book a virtual tour.

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If you'd like to get to know us better but aren't yet ready to set up a meeting, no problem!  We've put together a video which highlights some of our values and practices.  Innovation, investment, quality, H&S, and environmental concern are all part of what make up the DNA of Grainger and Worrall.

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