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Designing castings since 1946

The DFM process is fully embraced and our engineering resource is available to support you in the design and feasibility of aluminium or ferrous alloy castings.


Engineering Innovation

A typical project often includes production intent design support, DFM and new product launch.  By combining industry knowledge and the latest computer-based technologies, our team are able to provide foundry process analysis, review and rectification services during the production phase.

Our knowledge of Aluminium alloys material  science has enabled us to develop unique alloys to employ in "make like production" scenarios.  This enables us to make Aluminium prototype castings that behave like production parts.  Likewise with iron castings, we can use our database of ferrous alloys to tailor material properties to suit your application.

As industry leaders, our ability to innovate comes about by engaging the talents of other industry experts, universities and like-minded customers who help us develop new processes and ensure we’re always at the cutting edge of casting engineering.


Engineering Solutions

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