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What is giga casting?


Why is it important?


What are the benefits?


Giga castings take a fundamentally different design and manufacturing approach to traditional vehicle manufacturing, casting single front and rear pieces.

Giga casting gives automotive manufacturers the ability to cast large, structural components in a single piece. The giga casting process is enabling engineers to create lighter vehicles, with fewer components, therefore requiring fewer steps in the supply chain.

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Giga casting




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As well as lighter, faster vehicles, Giga casting also offers potential benefits for logistics and emissions reduction, as well as increased flexibility in engineering the vehicle platform. 

To validate part integrity and design, many automotive manufacturers have used sand casting to prototype components prior to moving to die-cast manufacturing.


The role of sand casting in Giga castings

Sand casting plays a huge role in prototyping giga castings. Sand casting is an affordable way to produce precise, production representative parts, with fast lead times. For manufacturers, this provides vital for proof of concept before investment in larger scale production.

The sand casting process enables the development of complex, thin-walled, large structural castings with specifically tailored aluminium alloys used for prototyping prior to mass production using die-cast methods.

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GW: Expertise in castings large, structural parts

G&W has extensive experience in casting technology for prismatic structures, and has now expanded its expertise to prototype large, structural body-in-white components with Giga casting.

This technology is becoming increasingly popular with customers who want to reduce component count and assembly time/costs through prototyping of structural parts.

G&W's innovative Giga Tile™ production method makes it possible to scale up the prototype process to a small series supply, thereby meeting the pre-production requirements of customers.

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