High-integrity, durable marine castings.

Grainger and Worrall develop precision, high performance and durable aluminium castings for the marine industry. 

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Innovative marine castings.

At GW, we create the complex metal shapes required in marine-grade, corrosion resistant aluminium castings.

We combine our sand casting expertise with cutting edge technology to meet your high performance requirements. And we do it quickly, without jeopardising quality control.


New Generation complex marine castings. Fast.



  • We use the flexibility of sand casting to create complex geometries in a single shape quickly and at a relatively low cost.

  • We use Magma simulation technology to assess potential risk and feasibility of castings.

  • Our materials knowledge allows us to create castings in marine-grade aluminium alloys, optimised for function and performance.


  • Our agility and flexibility allows us to cast large scale structural components fast, meeting your delivery commitments and reaching your market quickly.

  • Our 3D sand printing capabilities allows us to speed up lead times.

  • Our inspection processes ensure your marine casting meets tolerance and integrity expectations. Inspection includes CT scanning, X-ray and crack testing.


Want more details? Take a look at our marine casting case studies.

By the way, most of what we do and who we work with isn't in the public domain.  If you'd like to talk specifics about your marine casting project, get in touch!

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Innovation meets quality

Grainger and Worrall are passionate about sand casting innovation. Our agility and ability to produce high-integrity marine castings quickly allows us to deliver the shortest lead times possible. We make sure each part is fit-for-purpose and meets the quality specifications our customers expect.  But don't just take our word for it, check out our accreditations below.

Picture1 Queens award 2020 RandD 100 ISO 14001 H&S

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