Quality Approach

Accurate solutions delivered on time and on budget


Grainger & Worrall specialise in the delivery of innovative solutions, true care in everything we do is embraced throughout the company. This approach has proven to deliver accurate solutions within budget, on time and with the minimum loss to our environment.

In house quality management ensures the effective design of processes which verify customer needs helping to ensure we are known globally as the leading supplier of prototyping services in structural Powertrain Components and an exceptional supplier of Castings and Machining for Specialist and Low Volume Cast components.


How we operate our quality approach

Grainger & Worrall Limited is a privately owned limited company and Manufacturer & Supplier of:

• Tooling and Engineering Services for the Foundry Industry

• Ferrous & Non-ferrous Cast Metals & Machined Components

All products & services will be manufactured & delivered in accordance with the Company’s Quality Management System, which will define the functional responsibilities and quality criteria associated with control of customer specifications and standards, procurement, manufacture, inspection and testing.

We have developed a culture of open communication and teamwork to facilitate a philosophy of continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and productivity.


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