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At GW, we've had the privilege to work with the very best across multiple sectors globally, allowing us to bring our innovative techniques and deep, wealth of knowledge and experience to those markets. Our rich history working across multiple sectors also brings the benefit of idea cross-pollination, where we learn things while creating a solution for a specific market problem that helps us innovate across the other sectors we service. Find out how GW can help you and your market sector.


Grainger and Worrall are specialists in manufacturing high-quality aluminium sand castings made of aluminium that meet exacting automotive industry demands for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) components. Our expertise in sand casting combined with our materials knowledge, enables us to produce customised aluminium alloys that are strong yet and lightweight. Our production process is both rapid and accurate, ensuring consistent quality with every casting.


Unlock the potential of ICE



We use our sand casting expertise, material knowledge, and prototyping approach to help solve the complex challenges of lightweighting, part count reduction, and material optimisation in the EV industry - from battery enclosures to EDUs. Our use of aluminium castings allows us to produce the intricate metal shapes required for reducing fuel consumption and emissions in electric vehicles, while still meeting essential performance expectations.


Driving EV innovation



Our extensive knowledge and experience in the motorsport industry includes a deep understanding of our motorsport customers' needs for confidentiality, high-integrity, precision castings, and compressed lead times.
To meet the exacting demands of the motorsport industry, we've developed a specific casting process that prodcues Formula One grade castings of the highest quality. Our process ensures the most reliable, defect-free castings in the world, providing our customers with the precision and reliability they need to succeed.


Shift into high gear

Structural parts

Grainger and Worrall are the Leading independent giga casting prototyper using sand casting in the world.
We have extensive experience in casting technology for prismatic structures, and have now expanded our expertise to prototype large, structural body-in-white components with giga casting. 


giga-sized innovation


At Grainger and worrall, we leverage our sand casting expertise to meet defence procurement demands with a precision-driven, right-first-time approach to meet your defence program needs. We are well-versed in the dynamics of the defence industry, and our capacity allows us to respond to changes in timescales effectively and with flexibility. With a focus on innovation from concept through to production, we pride ourselves on delivering results with exceptional speed.


Reinforce your defence innovation



Our materials knowledge allows us to produce castings using marine-grade aluminum alloys that are optimized for superior performance, function, and properties such as machinability, erosion and corrosion resistance.
We combine our sand casting expertise with the latest cutting-edge technology to meet your high-performance requirements. With a focus on precision and accuracy, we work efficiently without jeopardising quality control or casting accuracy, ensuring that your marine casting project is completed quickly and to the highest standards.


Anchor down innovation



Our capabilities include producing cast engine components for both single and twin-engined aircraft, as well as for helicopters. With a focus on precision and accuracy, we are committed to delivering high-quality castings that meet the rigorous demands of the aviation industry.
This includes castings with properties of fatigue resistance, high surface finish and dimensional stability.


Fly high with GW



Our team of experts approaches every architectural sand casting challenge with creativity and flexibility, utilising our vast expertise to produce durable castings that are often large, unique, and highly technical. With the use of aluminium castings, we are able to create lightweight yet strong metal shapes, making it possible for us to bring to life the most complex of architectural designs. From prestige facades to roof panels and tiles, our castings are the perfect solution for any architectural project.


Lay innovative foundations

Green Energy


With our extensive knowledge of materials, cutting-edge prototyping techniques and sand casting expertise, we are able to produce intricate and precise castings that tackle the engineering challenges faced by the energy sector in their quest for a carbon-neutral future. Our use of aluminium castings allows us to create lightweight and durable shapes that not only help reduce emissions but also meet the demanding performance requirements of the energy industry.


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