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I started working at Grainger and Worrall in July 2010 as an Apprentice. Whilst at Grainger & Worrall, I have completed a Level 3 Technical Apprenticeship in engineering in conjunction with Dudley College. My apprenticeship included college-based learning and in-company project portfolios. I have also attended a number of external training courses which have further developed my knowledge of manufacturing in engineering.
Richard Guest
Grainger and Worrall
I am very pleased with my career progression and I have received support along the way from my co- workers at Grainger & Worrall. As part of my Advanced Apprenticeship, I have attended Wolverhampton College to gain my qualifications. I am now halfway through completing my third year of my apprenticeship. During my first year with the Company, I completed my PPO Level 2. This year, I will complete my second year of 2800 technical engineering level 3.
Stuart Brown
Grainger and Worrall